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Mesotherapy is a series of microinjections of a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, medications and amino acids into the mesoderm or middle layer of skin to deliver healing or corrective treatment to a specific area of the body. The technique was invented in 1952 by French Physician Dr. Michel Pistor and has been described as being a treatment for body sculpturing, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation.

It was discovered that when small amounts of medications were injected into the mesoderm, blood flow would increase to the treated area, dissolving excess fat deposits, improving lymphatic drainage and removing hardened connective tissue. skin. The average number of treatments range from 6 to 10.

Light Eyes Ultra

The non- surgical alternative to blepharoplasty. A special cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, ruscosides, vitamin C and antioxidants able to improve microcirculation, cutaneous elasticity and drainage in the periocular area.

White In

An exceptional arbutin and dimethylmethoxychromanylpalmitate based product.
A unique and efficient combination to treat skin spots.


A revitalizing cocktail containing nucleotides, green tea extract, spirulina and hyaluronic acid. The combination of unique ingredients to stimulate cell turnover.

BELKYRA ( Deaoxycholic Acid )

The new product specifically conceived for the treatment of submental fat.

Mesotherapy FAQ's

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to blepharoplasty containing hyaluronic acid, ruscosides, Vitamin C, and antioxidants which can help improve microcirculation, cutaneous elasticity. Mesotherapy can get lessen the appearance of dark circles from circulatory stasis, edema from the lower eyelid, dermatochalasis, improvement in the appearance of expression lines, and refreshing eye contour.

Results for mesotherapy can be seen in 2 treatments and individual will results will vary based on the area being treated and the persons own body chemistry.

Overall mesotherapy safe and side effects are uncommon. Some side effects in edema, redness in the skin, itchiness, mild pain, and tenderness in the area treated. The practitioner can explain the side effects in detail to you.

Most clients can see results in 2 sessions, however this will vary based on the area being treated. Some clients may require more than 2 sessions to achieve desired results.

The cost of mesotherapy is dependent on several factors such as the are being treated and the amount of product being used.

Pain will depend on the client’s tolerance of pain. A dermal needle is used to inject and feels like a quick mosquito bite. You can speak to the practitioner about your tolerance to pain

Mesotherapy is safe when done by a competent health care professional. The product injected are the purest form of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and depletes as we get older. It is safe to inject hyaluronic acid into the mesoderm.

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